Zombi's Sidekick

posted Jul 20, 2011, 8:54 AM by Katie Young
We picked Wiffle (aka Zombi's Sidekick) up on Saturday July 16th.  He has been a lot of fun.  Sorry I have slacked on posting pictures.  From now on, Wiffle's quotes are in Blue and Zombi's are in Yellow.

"whatcha diggin' for Zombi, whatcha diggin' for?  Hey, Hey Zombi, whatcha diggin' for?"

Wiffle makes a good sidekick.

"Ludo watches you sleep."
(Ludo is my sister Emelie's cat. This was taken at her house last Sunday July 17th.)

(Picture taken by Jake at Jake's place. Wiffle asleep on Talia's lap.)

Friday is Zombi's 1st birthday (July 22nd). Pictures to come!