Wiffle, Volunteering & Class Update

posted Jul 7, 2011, 8:56 AM by Katie Young   [ updated Jul 7, 2011, 9:14 AM ]
I know no one really cares for updates on my classes & volunteering, so here is the update on Wiffle first. Then you don't have to keep reading :P

We get to pick up Wiffle on July 21st (Thursday). So 2 more weeks from today. He will be a little over 6 weeks old, so just a little guy.  Will post pictures when we get him. Wiffle was born on June 6th, 2010 (a Monday). Zombi will turn 1 year old the day after we get Wiffle. So Wiffle will be able to attend the birthday party.

Zombi's cake will consist of:  Hamburger meat (raw of course), ground lamb (raw), 2 eggs, chopped up sardines and chopped up chicken.  Sounds delicious huh :P  Any ideas on how to do a raw frosting?  oooo, I guess I could just put food coloring in Peanut Butter.  Zombi would love that!

As far as volunteering at the Salt Lake Animal Services, I am going this Friday July 8th for about 2 hours. I already did the main orientation, but this is more a one on one training then actually volunteering.  Afterward I should be able to go and volunteer whenever I want for how long I want, which will be nice. I should get a lot of experience and knowledge volunteering there, but mostly getting to help animals that really need it.

My classes are going well.  Have learned a lot. Keep getting 100% on the mini quizzes.  Had a somewhat bigger quiz and got 100% on that. A lot of it is simple stuff so I don't know how anyone could fail this class.  The question is...do I take the next one after I finish this class? It is mostly on breeding & reproduction.