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Volunteering & Lesson 3

posted Jun 23, 2011, 9:32 AM by Katie Young   [ updated Jun 23, 2011, 9:40 AM ]
Yesterday was Lesson 3 and it was on Worms.  It is quite interesting to read about worms but a little gross as the same time.  All dogs have worms, but periodically (depending on where you live) you need to de-worm your pets.  This keeps the worms under control so your pets don't die.  In warmer climates you need to de-worm more often, otherwise you are probably okay to just de-worm one a year.  If your pet eats poop more than most dogs, then you might want to de-worm twice a year in my opinion.  De-worming your pet doesn't hurt them for the most part.  If you dog has heartworms there is a chance that the dying worms can cause issues, but its pretty rare.

Yesterday I also went and attended the Volunteer Orientation at the Salt Lake Animal Services (shelter).  I won't be able to start volunteering for a couple weeks, but after that I will be able to volunteer whenever I want and for how long I want.  I am going to try and do 4 hours a week if possible.  That is my goal.  I think it will be a great experience and also I will be helping animals in need.  When you enter the shelter they have so many cute faces wanting homes.  I wish I could take them all home, but I'm sure Zombi would get we don't have the space :P