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Dog show

posted May 11, 2011, 10:26 AM by Katie Young   [ updated May 23, 2011, 11:33 AM ]
So I dragged Talia and Royce to the IKC dog show Saturday May 7th at the South Jordan Equestrian Park (see last post regarding it).  We first watched the outdoor Agility course "Open".  While watching the owners walk/familiarize themselves with the course, I noticed a friend of mine walking it.  She has a Danish-Swedish Farm Dog named Jet. He is super adorable and really smart.  We watched all the dogs do their runs.  Jet did really well with his agility competitions.  He won 2 titles through the whole show. 

After all the dogs were done with the "Open" agility competition, Talia was hungry and thirty so we went indoors to get a snack.  While indoors Royce noticed a dog that looked like his aunt Jan's dog.  Then he noticed the lady with the dog that looked just like his aunt.  Yup, he was right.  It was his aunt Jan with one of her female Entlebucher Mountain Dogs.  Jan is the president of the National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association.  They are very pretty dogs.  Jan was there for the Showing/Judging portion of the dog show.  We aren't sure how her dog did, so I need to make Royce call her and ask.  Jan is also a breeder of Entlebucher Mountain Dogs.  They are expensive lol.

Royce, Talia and I all had a really fun time at the dog show.  I definately want to go again.  Maybe take Zombi with next time.  OMG FUZZY OVERLOAD!  I really need to start training Zombi to do stuff like the agility course, but without a backyard it makes it a little harder. Plus he can't enter because I have altered him.  Poor doggy is missing his manhood lol.