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More Reasons to Feed Raw!

posted May 27, 2011, 10:04 AM by Katie Young   [ updated May 27, 2011, 11:02 AM ]
So I have been reading about Pet parasites (i.e. worms etc.).  While reading I ran across a great article saying a raw diet really helps the pets immune system and keeps the parasites in check.  Commercial pet foods begin to cost pets ability to fight.  Raw diets balances everything and keeps worms & parasites in check.  "all dogs have worms. They have been a natural part of dogs bodies for millions of years (ours too!). A raw food diet will keep the body in balance, the immune system strong and worms in check, which means no worm problems."

While reading, I came across a link to a video:

YouTube Video

Just another reason and benefit to feed your pets raw. Want another reason? Here is an article for you to read:

Cancer In Dogs Can Be Avoided

It’s almost shameful when you realize cancer in dogs can largely be avoided, simply by the diet you feed them. Yes, it’s true: commercial dog food is a major cause of cancer in dogs. Forget bad breeding, breed specific anomalies, hygiene, environment and any other excuse people throw about seeking to avoid the truth, the fact is; a poor diet is the main culprit for your beloved companion’s discomfort.

If you were to see firsthand what goes in to most commercially manufactured dog food, you likely wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. Dead, diseased and disabled animals, you name it. And consider this: workers involved in the process of producing this type of food need to wear protective gloves and masks when handling some of the chemicals used to make and preserve it. They’re toxic. We wouldn’t even consider consuming such harmful ingredients, yet they’re considered perfectly fine for our four legged friends?! It’s crazy.

This website has great articles about feeding raw.  There is multiple articles that are very informative and helpful.  Here are some great article from his website:

skull and crossbones Continuing to feed your dog on commercial dog food skull and crossbones
will lead to death-by-disease!