About Zombi & Wiffle


Even before he was born, Zombi was legendary. He demanded his own webpage and quickly became famous for his awesomeness.  After months of awesomeness being posted, a Facebook page was dedicated to his fans.  Are you cool enough to be a Facebook fan?

Zombi was born July 22nd, 2010 to Dusty & Vixen on an 11 acre farm in Vernal Utah.  He is a pure bred Pembroke Welsh Corgi, red & white color. His Father is a champion show dog which is probably where Zombi's awesomeness seeded from.  Zombi will be submitting his AKC paperwork shortly.  Sadly, Zombi will not be passing down his awesomeness to any puppies.  He is to be neutered on November 24th. Sorry ladies, but this stud is a playboy!

Here is a picture of Zombi showing how awesome he was at 2 weeks old. Shown with his not so awesome brother (below him).

As he grew older the awesomeness couldn't be contained.

Zombi at 3 weeks old.

Zombi at 5 weeks old...being awesome!

Zombi came to live with the Youngs on Thursday September 16th 2010, where he quickly adopted them as his pets.  Before too long Zombi had them trained to do his bidding. "Good Slaves!"

Zombi recently found the love of his life.  It was an accident, but fate threw them together. He has discovered... Cheetos. Zombi will do anything for Cheetos, including biting your arm off to get the bag. He has been called a "Cheeto Fiend".  Sadly, we have to separate Zombi from this amazing treat.  Like all delicious things in the world, they aren't good for him.

Like all heroes Zombi has a mortal enemy. The evil Door Stoppers.  Zombi's calling in life is to stop the evilness the Door Stoppers reap on the world.  If you have a Door Stopper taunting, teasing, or harassing you, feel free to contact Zombi to rid your place of said evil Door Stopper. 

Contrary to what Royce tells you, Zombi hates the Red Hot Chili Peppers as much as Katie does.  Why do the radio stations have to play their music every other song?  I mean come on, they haven't come out with anything decent since the late 90's.  It was good then, like 15 years ago. Just say no to the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

SNIP SNIP... Zombi was neutered November 24th (Wednesday), the day before Thanksgiving. He did really well and recovered very quickly.  Zombi wants to thank everyone for the "get well" wishes. 

Now you too can be part of his life and enjoy the awesomeness. 


Wiffle was born June 6th, 2011 (Monday) on a farm in Genola Utah.  His mother Mimi knew immediately that he was bound to be great & awesome. Mimi contacted the Awesome Zombi and explained how awesome her boy was and what a great sidekick he would make. 

Knowing that he would rather have this awesome Bernie as a sidekick instead of a mortal enemy, Zombi went to visit the Corgi family in Genola on July 4th. Comparing all 6 sibblings, Zombi could see the awesomeness in the one they called "Bernie".  Bernie decided to change his name to Wiffle to keep his family protected.

Wiffle at 1 day old being awesome.

Wiffle became Zombi's forever sidekick on July 16th (Saturday). They shall have many awesome adventures together.

Wiffle at 4 weeks old.

Wiffle is schedule for his 2nd set of shots August 4th at Creekside Animal Hospital in Draper Utah.  We just decided that we are going to snip Wiffle. I will be calling this week to set up the date...Poor Wiffle!